Great essay writing tips for high school students

Though Shakespeare has stated that the pen is a mightier tool compared to a sword, a pen by itself isn’t sufficient for making a writer good. The fact is that although all of us could consider ourselves to be a Shakespeare in the making, inspiration by itself cannot be the solution to successful essay writing. In the section below we discuss some essay writing tips

A visual guide to organizing your papers


Essays usually have 5 parts

Despite the fact that academic papers at more advanced stages of studies are unique, the fundamental high school /college essay is characterized by the standard 5 paragraph makeup given below:

  • Introduction
  • Body 1
  • Body 2
  • Body 3
  • Conclusion

Even if it might look as being formulaic the notion behind this makeup is to facilitate readers in navigating the notions presented in essays. All readers must be capable of finding the information most significant to them easily and promptly.

Essay writing tips for the Introduction

The key point of an introduction is for presenting your point on the subject. However efficient introductory paragraphs have great deal more to them. Among the essay writing tips for high school students is starting your essay with a “hook” for grabbing the interest of readers and making them keep reading. Essay writing examples with efficient hooks consist of significant quotations or startling statistics.

Among the essay writing tips for high school students is to get on with the thesis after having got the readers hooked. The thesis should be a clear, one-sentence explanation of your position that leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind.

Among the college essay writing tips is providing a mini-outline following the thesis. In the mini-outline you will preview the instances that you would be using for supporting your thesis in all the remaining parts of your essay. Among the essay writing tips for an excellent mini-outline is informing the readers what to anticipate in all paragraphs that will follow.

Finally, the added benefit of essay writing tips for designing the final sentence in this manner is that it moves a reader seamlessly to the initial para of the upper body. So the fundamental introduction doesn’t require being a great deal lengthier than three to four sentences.

Essay writing tips for the Introduction


Always consider the Introductory Paragraph of your essay greatly

For the reason that this is the initial paragraph of an essay it’s your chance of giving readers the finest initial impression possible. Among the great college essay writing tips on an introductory paragraph of an essay is to write one that does not merely provide readers with an idea of the thing you would be taking about. It should also show the readers how you would be talking about it. You must try and put in a great deal of hard work into this and you are certain to be rewarded for all your hard work.

Avoid using a Passive Voice

An essay written in an active voice is a great deal more authoritative and draws much more attention of readers. Also, except for an essay being a personal account, stay away from personal pronouns, examples being I, My,/ Me. A better approach would be one that’s more general. Such an approach is certain to get the readers hooked to your essay.

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs refer to the paragraphs that are in the middle of an essay. The key objective of such paragraphs is a detailed description of all examples that you have put in for supporting your thesis.

Body Paragraphs

You will find many Essay writing examples that exemplify this online.