Tween Girl Satan Worshippers Allegedly Plotted To Massacre And Drink Blood Of Classmates – Perez Hilton

Halloween reigns supreme at the box office, but a town in Florida narrowly escaped a real-life horror show this week.

According to police officials, two tween girls brought knives to Bartow Middle School on Tuesday with a plan to butcher classmates.

The 11-year-old and 12-year-old allegedly intended to wait in a bathroom and grab one student at a time, slitting their throats, chopping up their bodies, drinking the blood, and eating the flesh.

The affidavit, per 

Thankfully, the school took action immediately; school officials noted:

“School staff quickly responded to a report of suspicious behavior; the students were taken into custody, and no one was harmed.”

When the girls didn’t show up for class, they were found and brought from the bathroom to the administrator’s office where it was discovered they had “four knives, a pizza cutter and a knife sharpener” (pictured above).

Despite their ages, the girls face multiple serious charges, including conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and possession of a weapon at school.

We are so glad no one got hurt — now hopefully these children can get the help they need to understand what they were doing.

[Note: A word of caution about Satanic Panic. For those not old enough to remember when it was widespread, or never having lived in the Bible Belt since, this was a hysteria brought about by rare cases like this in which any scary movies, goth music, Wiccan books, etc, were deemed dangerous. It led to such wrongful accusations as the infamous West Memphis 3 case, in which three teenage boys in Arkansas were convicted of child murders on ZERO evidence other than that they listened to metal and read about witchcraft. You can find more on that case HERE.]

[Image via Bartow Police Department via WFLA.]

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